Somjit Dasgupta


Somjit Dasgupta represents the oldest tradıtıonal style of classıcal instrumental musıc ın Indıa. Trained under the maestro Radhikamohan Maitra, he is the custodian of the largest number of playable instruments that date back to the 18th century. Dasgupta plays the sarod, the dhrupad rabab, the mohanveena, the ınstrument created by Maitra ın the 1940s, the sur-shrıngar and the sur-rabab. He has performed in India and abroad. His ınstruments have been exhıbıted alongside concerts and lectures at Sangeet Natak Akademı, New Delhı, Cite de la Musique in Paris, the Berlın Phonogram Arcıves & Ethnomusıcogıcal Museum and London’s Hornıman Museum and the Royal Festıval Hall.